Saturday, 11 April 2015

Uzhas Kakoy-to Vlasti Bar - FRESH-NEW-LIVE Experience!

Link to the event

An installation, performance and photo exhibition curated by New Noveta

These are the performers and DJs that partook

Ewa Justka
Ewa Justka is an instruments builder and noise artist. Her Optoelectronic Noise Performance is an audio-visual live transmission of erupting current synchronized with fluorescent, throbbing light. The discordant signals generated by the obsolete electronics abruptly invade the body by surrounding it with dissonant frequencies and corrupted hard techno providing tangible, multi-sensory experience.

Alice Theobald

Julia Star

Adam Christensen
Christensen makes sculpture, performance, video and text works, and performs with the band Ectopia



Ed Lehan

Mike Levitt


Simba von Reinhold+Ivånå Fük

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