Monday, 10 August 2015

fig-2 Oreet Ashery Revisiting Genesis ICA

Intervention for the opening of Oreet Ashery's show Revisiting Genesis at the ICA as part of the fig-2 program. Costumes and video by Louis Backhouse

Friday, 31 July 2015

Vlasti Bar Second Edition Fundraiser/NN Opening of Iskustvo Pit

Opening of Iskustvo Pit - an exhibition of photographic works and a live performance/installation by New Noveta. 

The second edition of our party -Vlasti Bar
Friday 31st of July from 8pm 'til Late

The exhibition Iskustvo Pit will also be open to view Saturday 1st of August 10am - 4pm


Brood (Jose Macabra)

Adam Christensen

Live massed vocal processing experiment
As part of a project with the visual artist Tzu Nyen Ho, massed vocalisations from the assembled throng will be directed, sampled, altered, restructured, fed back via public address, augmented 

Rice from your grave

Astrid Gnosis +Vovasuka

DJ Bahamian Moor

DJ Inept


DJ Mike Levitt 

DJ BLOODBATH + DJ Simba Von Reinhold +DJ Louis Backhouse

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Uzhas Kakoy-to Vlasti Bar - FRESH-NEW-LIVE Experience!

Link to the event

An installation, performance and photo exhibition curated by New Noveta

These are the performers and DJs that partook

Ewa Justka
Ewa Justka is an instruments builder and noise artist. Her Optoelectronic Noise Performance is an audio-visual live transmission of erupting current synchronized with fluorescent, throbbing light. The discordant signals generated by the obsolete electronics abruptly invade the body by surrounding it with dissonant frequencies and corrupted hard techno providing tangible, multi-sensory experience.

Alice Theobald

Julia Star

Adam Christensen
Christensen makes sculpture, performance, video and text works, and performs with the band Ectopia



Ed Lehan

Mike Levitt


Simba von Reinhold+Ivånå Fük

Monday, 6 April 2015

Dazed and Confused

Photo: Ben Toms
Styling: Robbie Spencer
Trousers: Louis Backhouse

Friday, 13 March 2015

Vagina Dentata Organ at Tate Modern

New Noveta performed with Jordi Valls alias Vagina Dentata Organ for Albert Serra's event at TATE Modern

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Re-Materialising Feminisim Book Launch

This publication is the fruit of the Re-Materialising Feminism event that took place at the ICA and The Showroom in June 2014, curated by Giulia Smith, Alice Brooke and Rosza Farkas.
New Noveta contributed to the event in 2014 with the live performance Zhavost on the Ebre, in the publication with images by Susu Laroche, and at the book release at the Penarth Centre with a DJ set.