Friday, 20 June 2014

Žhavost on the Ebre, Re-Materialising Feminism, ICA

NEW NOVETA LIVE AS PART OF RE-MATERIALISING FEMINISM AT THE ICA.Organised by Alice Brooke, Rózsa Farkas and Giulia Smith. Participants include; Penny Goring, Beatrice Loft-Schulz, New Noveta, Hannah Black, Rozsa Farkas, Morag Keil, Larne Abse-Gogarty, Ellen Feiss, CUNTemporary and Jay Bernard.

10 minute live performance the Re-Materialising Feminism at the ICA, curated by Giulia Smith, Alice Brooke & Rosza Farkas
Costumes by Dean Wellings
Sound by Seán Collum & New Noveta

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